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I will be teaching a Butoh-Clown Masterclass in August!

PHYSICAL on STAGE is an introduction to the use of Physical Theatre Techniques focused on performers —dancers and choreographers— who aspire to transgress the definition of the conventional performance and get into the field of experimentation.

I will be teaching a #Butoh-#Clown-#Masterclass this #summer in #portugal Being part of this beautiful project: "#Physical #on #Stage [Summer Intensive]" happening 23.-27. of August in Viana do Castelo.

What is Butoh-Clown? "Butoh-Clown" encounters all aspects and abysses of human BEING in a playful desire to explore and thus opens up a contact surface between consciousness and subconsciousness, which allows to exlore the "cellar-rooms" of our soul and investigate the darkness there with pure, joyful love.

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