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Residency Opportunity

I will be participating in this amazing #residency hosted by MolinoLab  There are still some places left and they are looking for more participants! If you have time don't hesitate to contact my amazing colleague Lucía Sombras 


Molinolab-Team has received a grant from @goetheinstitut to host artists in their place, @_molinolab_ , Salamanca, Spain

With the mentorship of @luciasombras & Alberto Monreal

We are looking for european artists NON-residents in Spain who are interested in an interdisciplinary research for performing in nature using technology.

The residence should be implemented from 8th to 31st of may in order to develop a project at the crossroads between technology, plants and artistic expression that aims to investigate how to implement SymBioWare technology for the creation of ecoperformance in nature that include the ecosystem as the main actor. Now, we can offer this tool to international artists.

Fulltime stay from 8th to 31th of may is required for participation.

Travel, accommodation and daily expenses are paid by the funding.

Artists from any field of performing arts are welcome to participate, but we especially want to welcome digital artists and musicians in the residency!

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