about me 

Height: 168cm   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

Born 1987 in Vienna, Austria I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science (Biology) in 2014 and headed south to Spain where I did my artistic formation in Clowning, Physical Theatre and Butoh Dance.

2018 I came back to Vienna where I did my formation in "Integrative Dance" and   founded the "International ClownLab Vienna", together with two like-minded people, to spread the art of Clowning.

My artistic goal is an approach to the perfection of improvisation:

in contact with myself and the audience, in a common game in which

the "disciplines" blur with each other.

A game with language and body.

The state of "flow" is naturally given to children and has to be relearned

by most of the grown ups - it is the breeding ground for improvisation

and promises success.



MIRIAM STRASSER, geb. 1987 in Wien wo sie Biologie studierte und 2014

ihren Bachelor of Science abschloss. Zwischen 2014 und 2018 lebte sie in Spanien,

wo sie sich in Clownerie ("La Estupenda"), gestischem Theater ("Nouveau Colombier") und Butoh Tanz ("Espacio en Blanco") formierte und unter anderem mit den Gruppen "Cia. Mimox-Teatro" (physical theater) und "The Physical Poets" (Butoh Tanz) zusammenarbeitete, sowie das offene Kunsthaus "La Experimental" in Barcelona mitbegründete. Sie lebt seit 2018 als freischaffende Performancekünstlerin und Kulturvermittlerin wieder in Wien, ist Gründungsmitglied und Vereinsobfrau des „International Clown Lab Vienna“ mit zentraler Vereinstätigkeit im Theater Olè und Mitglied des C³-Zirkuskollektiv, welches das Projekt "VarietEKH" in Wien betreibt. Außerdem spielt sie gerne Saxofon.



WUK Vienna   |   Late Night Group Therapy  |   2021  Impersonator

Puppetry Theater   |   Celias Journey   |   2020  |  Artistic Direction

Dschungel Wien   |   Mini*Taurus   |   2020  |   Artistic Co-direction

Kosmos Theater   |   Haus.Baum.Kind   |   2019  |   Chorus Member

La Experimental "Refugiados"   |   El Exodus   |   2017  |   Dancer

Teatro de la Abadia   |   Remedios Varo   |   2016  |   Chorus Member

Forum Theater Tour  |   Las voces excluidas   |   2016  |   Oppressor


Theater Olè   |   Horror Cabaret   |   2020  |   Clown Quartet, Chorus

Kunsttankstelle Ottakring   |   Hittmy   |   2019  |   Clown Trio

Theater Olè  |   Spectacolè Grande   |   2019  |   Clown Trio

Theater Olè   |   Bombastic Cabaret   |   2019  |   Clown Solo, Trio, Chorus

Rebella Pirata   |   The Fall   |   2018  |   Clownish Dance-Solo with object

Acircandonos   |   La Tortuga   |   2017  |   Clownish Story Telling Solo

La Guardia "Noche del Clown"  |   Luna y Sol   |   2017  |   Clownish Poetry Solo  

La Experimental "Inflammables"   |   Onya   |   2016  |   Clown Solo

La Estupenda   |   Luna y Sol   |   2015  |   Clownish Poetry Solo 

Retirement Home Figueres   |   Social Clowning   |   2015  |   Part of "Cal Clown"


Lalish Theaterlabor    |   Tarot Oracle   |   2020  |   Butoh Trio

Photon Gallery Opening   |   Orixas   |   2020  |   Butoh Duo

Atelier Theater   |   The YU Project   |   2019  |   Butoh Solo, Butoh Duo

Lalish Theaterlabor   |   The Last Dance   |   2019  |   Butoh Trio


Nouveau Colombier   |  International School of Mime and Physical Theater  |   Josè Piris and Staff

Espacio en Blanco   |   Butosofia. The Art of Birth   |   Jonathan Martineau

Akademie für Gruppe und Bildung   |  Integrative Tanzpädagogik   |   Schumacher-Möth Alli Mag.a

La Estupenda   |  el Clown y su Universo   |   Alexandre Coelho Oliveira

Separate from my studies at the mentioned above school for scenic arts

"La Estupenda" I did a lot of Clowning Workshops with teachers such as: 

Antonio Ordóñez Bergareche, Karin Theiss, Iman Lizarazu, Nicolas Cambas,

Clara Cenoz, Celia Ruiz, Peter Spindler, Ray Van, Antonio Benitez,

Paco Pacolmo, Piero Partiglianoni.

 Workshops / Teaching

I gave Workshops in Physical Theater, Butoh and Clowning

at festivals such as:

Parallel Universe (Austria), at.tension (Germany), Fusion (Germany),

Bucht der Träumer (Germany), ArtAttack (Austria), Klima Camp (Austria),

Toma Teatro (Spain)

I gave regular classes at institutions such as:

Angewandte Wien  | University | Butoh Dance | 2020/21

                      Theresianum Wien Primary School | Theater | 2019/20

             Co-Learning Markhof | Middle School | Theater | 2018/19

           OPENschool | Middle School | Integrative Dance | 2018/19

      LaExperimental | Cultural Association Center | Clowning | 2016/17