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Summary of the Artist in Residency from 1.-12.April 24

I am quite freshly back from Spain, where was creating the first scenic sketch for "ConTaKt: Consciousness in Relation", a poetic-scientific butohresque Performance project, together with Lucia Sombras at the "Centro Coreografico Maria Pages" in Fuenlabrada, Madrid during our choreographic Artist in Residency there.

Our amazingly big and beautiful Dance Studio Space at CCP

It was an intense and fruitful time with great support of the Team working in the choreografic Center: María Pagés, El Arbi El Harti, Miguel Sánchez and Habib El Harti!

We are very thankful for the warm welcome they have given us in CCP.

It has been a real pleasure as well as a gift to be able to meet in Fuenlabrada and build the first bases of the choreographic work of our piece "ConTakt: Consciousness in Relation" in such a wonderful place as the Centro Coreográfico María Pagés.

We are very happy and satisfied for this opportunity, not only for the use of the facilities and the continuous access to the magnificent rehearsal room during these days, but also for putting at our disposal all the resources of the center, the photographs, the communication, the possibility of a Work in Progress Showing and receiving colleagues, who have accompanied us with their feedback, but, above all, for the close, familiar and friendly treatment that we have received.

A welcome that, undoubtedly, we will never forget, so we will try to give visibility to the CCP - Centro Coreografico Maria Pages and its exceptional and great team. Their effort and dedication for performing artists by opening, building and providing spaces for artistic creation and offer it so warmly to emerging artists is of immensive value, knowing how difficult it is for creators to have the necessary resources for the process of creation...

Infinite thanks and all our admiration for this work from which a great passion for art is distilled!

Some photos from our very first rehearsal process, ©Habib El Harti

During our intensive 10-day residency at CCP, we successfully crafted a 25-minute choreographic masterpiece. Serving as our guiding "red line," we meticulously curated an audio experience, intertwining narrative text with music and authentic cellphone-recorded reports detailing dream experiences. Our narrative seamlessly weaves trilingual elements, with English predominantly used for the overarching storyline, while German and Spanish add layers of poetic storytelling and personal reflections on the experiences encountered.

We hosted a successful work-in-progress showing on April 12th at 5:00 PM in the Choreographic Center. Approximately 20 attendees had the opportunity to witness our performance and expressed high praise for our creative proposal.

Some photos from our rehearsal process with characters, ©Habib El Harti

The CCP team also conducted interviews with us in Spanish about our project, and they've produced an amazing video showcasing our work:

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