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"Biophony Residency" Summary

During our Residency at MolinoLab we have utilized some of the latest advancements in sensory technology to portray the beauty and harmony of the natural environment. Through the open-source device Symbioware, we have been recording the electrical signals of plants since May 9th to convey their voice to the audience in the form of images, light, and sound. The stage space of MolinoLab has been transformed into an immersive and enveloping atmosphere to reflect on the balance between innovation and connection with the ecosystem. Apart from our technological research we have been investigating the natural environment through meditation and daily sensory exercises, connecting with one specific plant from the surroundings of MolinoLab to portray it in a Solo-Performance within our final Work-in-Progress-Showing "Biophony - Biotic Dance".

"Biophony - Biotic Dance" is an interactive performance that has taken place at the creative space of MolinoLab in the village of Sancti Spíritus, Salamanca, on May 26th at 5 PM. This event was the final showcase of an Art, Nature, and Technology residency that has brought together nine multidisciplinary artists from Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Colombia, and Spain, using the languages of dance, video projections, digital and interactive art, and musical sound composition.

We performed "The Dance of Plants from Nine Countries" in Sancti Spíritus

at the artistic creation space Molinolab, where we opened up to the world with our performance "Biophony," a multidisciplinary work that embraces the audience.

In this Work-in-Progress-Showing, expression through the body brought more life than ever to the plants, the protagonists of the ever more refined gem proposed by the creative space of MolinoLab. For the first time, "Biophony, biotic dance" opened to the world like flowers finally seeing the light, allowing sun rays to pass through the rustic mill. Exhibiting our unique ways of moving and displaying electrograms, music to flow with, 3D images through flower scanning and lasers, we showcased sensitivity in the twilight with our movements, emotions, delicacy, and gracefulness, but also tension with electric and spasmodic dances.

This work, still in development despite its "premiere", aims to portray the beauty and harmony of the natural environment, recording the electrical signals of plants since May 9th to give them a voice in an immersive atmosphere. The multidisciplinary artists who came from Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, and Colombia, garnered applause and admiration from the audience.

Sancti Spíritus demonstrated that contemporary artistic expressions also have a place in the rural world and that the environment is the ideal stage for creations like those performed by Molinolab, funded by the Culture Moves Europe program and the Goethe Institute.

Miriam Strasser, Alina Tofan, Salomé Méndez, Alberto Monreal, and Lucía Callén floated across the stage, blending in with the plants.

Alongside them, Allec Ilyine and Cameron J. Laing made the sound composition possible by transforming the electrical signals of the plants; Fernando Fernández generated the visual projections, and Lesia Kvitka contributed to digital art.

The Spanish Newspaper "La Gaceta" reported about our Work-in-Progress-Showing at the end of our Residency:

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