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Shortvideo: Impro about money

I have an ambivalent relationship to money... So when I was asked to do a short improvisation about that topic, it gave me mixed feelings and a lot of different impulses. Finally I decided to focus on the reasons that make my relationship to money difficult and find a game with that. What came out, is this Video - sound is not the best, as my camera has a shitty microfone... apologies for that!

(Video-language is German, English Translation see below)

Transcript of the Video:

[stands in the picture and is handed an envelope, pulls a bill out of it]

Oh... money... I don't really know what to do with that... I mean, that's not really true... in fact I use it almost every day and of course I get something for it... What I mean is, it just pisses me off, the system that we've built around this money. I mean, we say: the economy has to grow forever and rotate like machines in this neoliberal market economy system that creates exploitative inequalities. I mean, for the increase of the wealth of the few, this system is willing to stop at nothing... we produce as cheaply as possible far away, where human rights are like dirt, where there are no environmental regulations - that's the way it is easy to ignore because we don't see the immediate pollution... Yet the whole world is ONE ecosystem; it is ALL OUR forest that burns, water that etches, air that stinks, soil exhausted, ALL OUR LIVES unfair! SOS - the world is a crisis area! We save badly and disregard what is really important, because the funds are supposedly always so tight - I can't hear this nonsense anymore, it's because of what we spend it on, that's entirely in our hands, we have money INVENTED damn it! Hello speculators, hello states, hello economy! What are you doing with it? Are you riding us to our downfall on money's back? I mean: fuck consumption! Honestly, what do we need? We waste our lifetime with garbage production! Believe that happiness can be bought and greed? Unfortunately nice! Belief that technology is always beneficial; believe we have to do more and more, lose humanity, become gray ghosts - I mean, we all play along in this cruel game, profit maximization is the goal. Winning for whom? WHAT did we win? Abstract numbers, in our bank accounts... AMAZING! You can pat yourself on the back, sitting on your pile of coal (=money) with "millions" of dead buried under it. The world around you is in tatters, everything is used up, suddenly you can't breathe. Now you will die of your greed - as so many have already told you: MONEY cannot be eaten, drunk or breathed... Or is it?

[eats the bill, gets tummy ache and nausea and throws up coins]

No... you can't...

Text displayed in the end:

“Only after the last tree has been cut down / Only after the last river has been poisoned / Only after the last fish has been caught / Then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

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